Free Music (Presidents Day Edition)! Pets With Pets - "Pixie Child"

Zayd Thring is Pets With Pets. Starting in late 2006, with a home recorded EP, Zayd took on the moniker Pets With Pets soon thereafter. In 2007 he took on a drummer, the first of many that define the group over the years, and started playing shows as a band. From the start, Pets With Pets have garnered attention from the likes of NME, and have gained a cult following.

MP3: "Pixie Child" -

R.I.Y.L.: Waaves, Japandroids, Sonic Youth, Liars

Last year saw the band releasing Saturday Aquatic Pixie Acid, released on Sensory Projects, to critical acclaim.

Alongside Zayd is bassist Ash Buscombe from Witch Hats, Will Macfarlane on synthesizer from The Shocking Pinks (who were signed to DFA Records) and Alex MacFarlane on drums.