Free Music Humpday! Stonecollar - "Swallowed By The Sun"

South African hard rock band has released their latest single, "Swallowed By The Sun," from their latest project Online Overlord.

MP3: "Swallowed By the Sun" -

The song is a large scale rock ballad telling the epic tale of a loved one's self demise. Fans of Alter Bridge, Shinedown and fellow countrymen, Seether (and a host of similar hard rock bands) will be sure to love this song. To assist the release, Stonecollar has launched an official fan club, Airheads (hosted on the platform) and it basically works that a fan pays $1 a month and they get any content for free. The band also intends to release stuff on a weekly basis so that there is a real value to being part of the club.

"After having released a physical debut album, we are now embracing the digital era and believe that we need to adapt to survive, and to gain exposure, as a band," band member Clinton Jurgens said.

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