Free Music Humpday! Doe Paoro - "Born Whole"

Doe Paoro’s self-described “ghost soul” music hovers on the edge of ethereal, entreating the listener to be transported to a shape-shifting, cosmic black hole of sound and anti-sound where her voice is utilized as an uncommon instrument and the space between notes shoulders as much significance as the notes themselves.

MP3: "Born Whole" -

Her newest single, “Born Whole,” which premiered on RCRD LBL, gives the word “soul” a whole new meaning as it revels in sure-fire rhythms and down-home funk, all draped in ghostly echoes and funeral pyre lamentations. She also does a killer rendition of Future Islands' "Little Dreamer."

She’s been compared to Lykke Li, James Blake, and Oh Land. In other words, keep an eye and an ear out for Doe Paoro. It won’t be long before her name is on the lips of everyone you know.

Doe Paoro’s debut album Slow To Love will be released on Valentine’s Day; 2/14/12.