Free Music Friday! oOoOO - "NoWayBack"

Slow in the making, oOoOO's latest release was put together over the past year in unfamiliar, starkly furnished rooms in San Francisco, Berlin, and New York, as well as train station waiting areas and airports. Its mood, the result of dislocation and sleep deprivation, reflects the unfamiliar and vaguely anxious contexts it grew out of. The record's lead single, "NoWayBack," was co-written with Butterclock as the pair prepared for a string of shows together last summer.

MP3: "NoWayBack" -

Equally sensual and sinister, this new offering from oOoOO finds him expanding upon last year's self-titled EP with even stronger songwriting and more nuanced production. Tri Angle Records is proud to present Our Loving Is Hurting Us, due April 10th.