Free Music Friday! Neverever - "Mexicoco"

Who can decipher the true origins of Neverever? Some say it started on the roadside in Malibu when a truck driver named Eric Fisher and his childhood buddy, Shaun Puklavetz, picked up Joe Meek's great niece and nephew, Jihae and Wallace. Others believe that it began a year earlier when Neverever's lost classic Angelic Swells was released on legendary pop mogul, Mike Schulman's, Slumberland Records.

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From the couples' dance swoon of "Baby Oil And Iodine" to the latin-tinged glam-pop of "Mexicoco," we see the newly revitalized Neverever cooking up a heady mix of classic power-pop styles. "Bunker Spreckles" is a swinging little tune, featuring a typically catchy vocal melody from Jihae and a stick-in-your-head keyboard line. "Venus" slows the tempo down for a twangy slice of doo-wop pop, while "Wedding Day" is a rambunctious power-pop gem that would slot in nicely on either of the first few Blondie albums.

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