Free Music Friday! KNTRLR - "Kursk"

KNTRLR, the psychedelic/electronic rock duo, reminiscent of fellow bands such as Yeasayer, Panda Bear, & Fuck Buttons have burst out from the black hole of creative collaboration with their first single “Kursk.” The buoyant guitar heavy track coupled with haunting vocals and pulsating drums is guaranteed to get a foot or two tapping to the beat of its beguiling sound.

MP3: "Kursk" -

KNTRLR is Charles and Michael—two individuals who came together from opposite worlds. One a former child actor, the other a former fringe Christian on track to attend Seminary School. Charles grew up in the LA area and had a career high in the early 90’s with appearances on popular game shows like “Wild Animal Games with Ryan Seacrest” and made for TV movies. After becoming disenchanted with the Hollywood lifestyle, he focused all of his creativity on music and learned to play the drums - a choice which yielded strange rewards like opening for 80's new wave one-hit wonders Missing Persons and having psychedelic philosophical discussions with Rick James. Michael on the other hand grew up a strict Christian in Oklahoma and was groomed for Seminary School until a change of heart lead him to abandon that path. He has lived in a number of different places around the country and worked a variety of jobs from taxi driver to vineyard worker in California where he learned to play mariachi songs from his guadalajareƱo co-workers.

On a chance encounter, Charles and Michael met at the ever-popular Russian Bath House in New York City’s East Village and starting playing music together. After initially performing with other bands, the two decided to work together separately and KNTRLR was born.

KNTRLR will partner with The Big Sleep on a 7” split available everywhere April 3rd on Goodnight Records.