BRAD Signs with Razor and Tie

Razor & Tie announces the addition of Seattle’s BRAD to its roster for a new North American deal. The long-time Northwest underground favorites features core members Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) on guitar, vocalist/pianist Shawn Smith (Pigeonhed and Satchel), drummer Regan Hagar (Satchel and Malfunkshun), and bass player Keith Lowe (Fiona Apple and David Sylvian).

BRAD has completed work on United We Stand, a brand new studio album set for release on April 24th 2012. Comprised of 10 tracks, longtime fans of the band will find much to love on United We Stand as BRAD’s reflective, unique song writing approach is intact with Shawn Smith’s soaring vocals cascading over songs like “A Reason To Be In My Skin,” “Needle And Thread” and “Bound In Time.”

“After 20 years as a band, BRAD's brotherhood remains intact and vibrant. I couldn't be more excited about our latest opus,” explains BRAD’s Stone Gossard. He continues, “A year and a half in the making, United We Stand (our fifth record) is our combined and loving collaboration. We hit all the stops, down beat grooves, soaring vocals, and riffs galore. We're in this bad boy for the long haul people. So get ready.”

Shawn Smith adds, “Thankfully, as a band, or more importantly as individuals, we have not lost our spark, our desire to do more than just ‘get er done.’ The new record is a testament to a band in its 20th year, a band that started with three friends getting together one afternoon to jam. The approach was a little bit different than in the past, with plenty of time to try stuff out and then to step away for awhile and return fresh to see what felt good and what didn't. That's the key in my book, how does a song feel? This collection of songs feels really good to me. I expect nothing less.”

In addition to the band’s new album, Razor & Tie has licensed BRAD’s entire back catalog and will re-release the band’s previous studio albums Shame, Interiors, Welcome To Discovery Park, and Best Friends? along with the compilation, Satchel Vs. Brad. The catalogue albums will be re-released in multiple deluxe configurations beginning later this year.