Panic Records Signs Heartwell

Seattle, WA indie Panic Records is excited to announce the signing of Philly’s Heartwell to their growing roster.

Philadelphia is home to some amazing things, brotherly love, cream cheese, cheesesteaks, the Rocky steps and an incredibly vibrant music scene. This is the city that, with pride, Heartwell calls home.

Although heavily influenced by indie rock, Heartwell are native punks that harness the energy of the iconic punk bands they grew up on. With lyrics that focus on the aggravation and the inevitability of life.Throughout Heartwell’s lyrics you’ll find messages that express a desire to define the anxiety of growing up and the freedom of self-reliance.

Musically, Heartwell fills in the gaps of their punk undertones with melodies of jangly indie rock. Adopting the same sincerity of the ‘90s emo scene, Heartwell creates a sound that conjures up the nostalgia of those times.

Beginning as a songwriting outlet for a few friends, Heartwell grew at the start of 2011 and culminated with the release of their first EP On Science, On Strings. The EP was met with a positive reaction and Heartwell has since continued on with their DIY ethic and powerful live show to bring them to the point of signing with Panic Records.

Heartwell will begin tracking their debut full length January 2012 for a spring 2012 release on Panic Records.

Listen to their EP On Science, On Strings now at to find out what you’re in store for.