Free Music Friday! Standard Fare - "Suitcase"

Limbo. It's a funny place to be, but it provided inspiration for the second album from Standard Fare, the Sheffield-based indie-pop power trio who debuted with 2010's The Noyelle Beat, their lovelorn, melodic songs and male/female vocals making them the new darlings of the indie-pop scene.

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Recorded with producer Alan Smyth at 2fly in Sheffield, the album represents a years worth of writing and 11 days of recording, which, compared to the whistle-stop weeklong session of their debut, is practically a marathon. In addition to the tight power trio of guitar-bass-drums, the band are augmented this time by a trumpet player (Brad San Martin from Boston's One Happy Island) and violinist (Emily Gunn from Sheffield's Nat Johnson & the Figureheads), adding an extra dimension to their raw sound.

Standard Fare will release Out of Sight, Out of Town. via Melodic Jan. 24.

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