Free Music Friday! Kathryn Calder - "Turn A Light On"

Written and recorded in a relatively short amount of time, Bright and Vivid is a masterfully refined piece of work that illustrates a maturation that can only come from intense growth and change. Somefolks break when too much happens in a short period of time, yet Calder reached deep within and manifested it into a striking gift for listeners.

VIDEO: "Turn A Light On" (Dir. by Geoffrey Tomlin-Hood and Leif Parker) -
MP3: "Turn A Light On" -

Fans expecting a straight ahead pop album will instead discover songs that are remarkably complex. The endlessly singable hooks are supported by intelligent songwriting and complex arrangements. Calder sums it up best...."I didn't want to give those songs away too easily, I wanted people to wonder what was coming next, where the song was going." This album defies ANY comparisons to Kathryn's current association with The New Pornographers as well as her past history with Immaculate Machine. Kathryn has found her own beautifully unique voice... one that is best summed up by the title that she chose for her sophmore release, Bright and Vivid.