Free Music Friday! Field Music - "A New Town"

Field Music (a.k.a. Sunderland, England, siblings Peter and David Brewis) release their fourth album, Plumb, through Memphis Industries in February 2012 (13 Feb UK/14 Feb US). The album, recorded over the course of 2011 at their new studio on the banks of the river Wear in Sunderland, comprises 15 songs in a succinct 35 minutes. It largely abandons the 'classic' songwriting conventions embraced on their 2010 double album Measure and instead remodels the modular, fragmented style of the first two Field Music albums; only now shot through with the surreal abstractions of 20th century film music from Bernstein to Willy Wonka and with the off-beam funk and pristine synth-rock developed on the brothers' School of Language and The Week That Was albums.

MP3: "A New Town" -

Field Music release Plumb on Memphis Industries Feb. 14.

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