Free Music Friday! The Doozer - "Fold Up Chair"

Keep It Together is the fourth full-length album from the Fenlands shadow puppet master The Doozer. Relocating to a village hall, little theatre style, The Doozer set the task with a cast of 11 players dipping in and out of the village, with old Mrs. Mallows holding the keys. Previous albums were primarily lonesome affairs, so this group activity holds sway on the sound of this all-enveloping record. Chords are the name of the game, and it's certainly got them! You'll hear guitars, bass, piano, drums and slipping in to lift those harmonies, a string quartet and horns.... Is that a tuba from the Salvation Army you say? Yeah it is, and salvation is at hand. Just let it come down from the "Aluminum Dome." I mean, perhaps you know what the weather's like here, but if you don't, take some advice from "Fen Drayton" or if you're in doubt about what flowers to get your girl, then check out "Fold Up Chair" or are you undecided on your God? That's "Oh Unbelievers!" But none of its good advice, it's just a crack at the seam.

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The Doozer will release Keep It Together on Woodsist Jan. 31.

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