Slingshot Dakota Joins the Topshelf Records Family

East Coast indie rock duo Slingshot Dakota will release their next record on Topshelf Records. The album will be recorded this winter and released in spring 2012.

Slingshot Dakota is broken piano keys, splintered drumsticks, blood, sweat, beautiful vocals, and crazy faces. They write songs about celebrating love (lost and found) and dreams (chased and lived). Influenced by multiple styles of music they were exposed to growing up in the DIY music scene, the music that makes ear drums ring and faces melt with distorted keyboard melodies backed by crushing drum beats. Hailing from Bethlehem, PA, Carly Comando (keyboard and vocals) and Tom Patterson (drums) are brought together by their common love for burritos, bagels, back rubs, endless touring and cute dogs. Whether you're a seasoned hardcore veteran or a die-hard indie rocker, Slingshot Dakota is guaranteed to find a place in your record collection and your heart!