Reviewed! A Poetic Yesterday - The Movie: Director's Cut

A Poetic Yesterday
The Movie: Director’s Cut
Banter Music

The Movie: Directors Cut, the latest collection of tunes from A Poetic Yesterday, finds the band sounding like a young Used, pounding out youthful, angst-ridden melodies that come off as infectious as they are anthemic. Frontman Gavin Stewart sounds like a grizzled troubadour on the acoustic version of “the Movie,” playing the role of a lost soul pining for something he once had, while “Takedown (MMA Theme)” shows the band can play the role of the badass. C’mon, just listen to those chunky riffs, complete with a glut of Warped Tour parking lot ready call-and-response moments that should have you circle-pitting and singing along, or crowd surfing and singing along. Either way, expect to sing along because at the very least, A Poetic Yesterday can elicit that type of reaction. “I Can See the Seller” sees the band playing the ballad side of the fence, a cut that’s about one solid hook away from putting it over the top. The EP’s closer, the bonus “Frown Proud,” is a winner, an impactful single in the making that’s full of powerful chord play, rumbling bass lines, strong drum work and a sensational Thursday-esque instrumental bridge that explodes via a sweet fretdrop into the album’s clear cut best hook. The Movie: Director’s Cut is one that offers a variety of looks into the multiple facets of this bands game.    

Grade: B-
Go Download: “Frown Proud”