Reviewed! Dream Theater - Live at Budokon

Dream Theater
Live at Budokan

Though Dream Theater’s Live At Budokan features some stunning production and wonderful visuals, it also suffers from a less than stellar set list. While that might be nit-picking some, fans of this band should come to hold these guys in the highest of regards, and while Live At Budokan is probably the best DVD concert release the band has ever streeted, it isn’t without its shortcomings, mainly the set list. As expected, more attention is paid to the bands recently released Train of Thought album (Live At Budokan was released in 2004) with songs like “As I Am,” “This Dying Soul” and “Endless Sacrifice,” and 2002’s Six Degrees if Inner Turbulence (“Disappear,” “War Inside My Head,” “the Test That Stumped Them All”). The true highlight of the show is the fantastic "Instrumedley", a blend of most of the band's famous instrumental passages from each of their albums, as well as the three Falling Into Infinity songs, "Trial of Tears", "New Millennium", and a much gentler, acoustic flavored version of "Hallow Years", which features a fantastic solo. "Beyond This Life" also features an incredible extended ending, which features amazing solo sections from each band member. If you’re a Dream Theater fan, this DVD release needs to be on your bucket list, hell, you need to get yourself a copy of this immediately.

Grade: A-