Free Music! Neverever - "Wedding Day"

Who can decipher the true origins of Neverever? Some say it started on the roadside in Malibu when a truck driver named Eric Fisher and his childhood buddy, Shaun Puklavetz, picked up Joe Meek's great niece and nephew, Jihae and Wallace. Others believe that it began a year earlier when Neverever's lost classic Angelic Swells was released on legendary pop mogul, Mike Schulman's, Slumberland Records.

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Shake-A-Baby is that technicolor smoke turned to solid vinyl. The band says it best: "The EP is loosely about the likes of child brides and sugar empire heirs either reluctantly growing up or simply choosing not to. Clinging to pre-teen and adolescent freedoms, Miss Teen Californian girlfriends, carefree trips, and dream-like loves, whether the changing world around them allows it or not. Some influences include the Raspberries, Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour, ELO, Kim Fowley, Fleetwood Mac, Big Star, Alvin Stardust, Sandy Salisbury."

Cut from the same classicist pop cloth at their debut album, on Shake-A-Baby Neverever sharpen their tunes, hone their hooks and brighten their palette.

Neverever will release Shake-a-Baby EP via Slumberland on Jan. 17, 2012.

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