Free Music! Keep Shelley in Athens - "Lazy Noon"

Almost a year after their debut, the aptly-named In Love With Dusk, Keep Shelly In Athens will be returning with 12" EP Our Own Dream. The Grecian downbeat-pop duo meanders through almost-forgotten electronic salad days and R&B beats of yesteryear. Melding an Ibizan ethic with new age, atmospheric synthesizing, KSiA continues to push the convention of electronic music to the brink, a challenge to the Balearic norm. Like their previous releases, the duo continues the erotic down-tempo tones and visceral back-beats, however at times Our Own Dream heats up-containing well-formed torrid, trance beats to compliment the soft female vocals. Forest Family is proud to announce this 12" EP will be released on white & silver vinyl in a very limited fashion of 500 (250 each color) on November 8th.

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