Free Music Humpday! Kisses - "Johnny and Mary" (Robert Palmer cover)

During the past year of international touring, Kisses performed a dutiful cover of Robert Palmer's "Johnny and Mary." The melancholy lyrics and relentless repetition resonated with the band and became a staple at shows. For this recorded version, the group got production help from Brighton's dance prodigy Dominic Ashton (Kinema) for a melodic and rhythmic rendition of one of Robert Palmer's lesser known tracks, one that is found during the earlier portion of his career, before "Addicted to Love" and eye catching videos became his primary focus. The flip side of this single is a syrupy rework by newcomers Mozart Parties. The track's echoes of longing and loss are a hint at what is to come from Kisses: a darker and sleeker version of a group finding a new voice while in the process of recording their second record.

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