Reviewed! Peace Mercutio - Weather the Storm

Peace Mercutio
Weather the Storm

Though Peace Mercutio’s Weather the Storm opens admirably with “Building and Breaking,” a song that is actually a pretty good harbinger of things to come throughout the rest of the record – deliberate builds and thunderous crashing waves of sound thanks to quality guitar work - Weather the Storm really picks up the pace as it goes along; hitting its stride after only a few songs as the highlight cuts begin to rain down (“the Prolonging of Heartbreak,” “Chicago,” “Everything Seems Deadly”). “Sing! Sing!” is perhaps the strongest one of the bunch, sounding immediately radio ready, giving off a bit of an early Starting Line-meets-Further Seems Forever vibe. “Selah,” a stirring instrumental outing placed smack-dab in the middle of Weather the Storm, doesn’t even derail the album’s momentum, as it effectively brings another element to the record, spending its three plus minutes building before crashing into the driving “If Only.” The closing “the Things We Couldn’t Say” puts an emphatic emotional wax seal on Weather the Storm, and to be honest, the closing cut is one of the album’s strongest moments, presenting some of the albums better call-and-response instances throughout. Weather the Storm offers more than mere over-the-top employment of melody – Peace Mercutio seem more than a hook first, everything else later type of band (yeah Cute Is What We Aim For – that means you), and if they can buff out some of the scratches (like tightening up the vocal work, especially the interplay between vocalists Andy Lundman and Dan Buckley) and round out the rough spots a bit (perhaps better production), there’s no doubt they’ll be better off for it in the long run. There’s no doubt this is a good start though.  

Grade: B-
Go Download: “Chicago”