Free Music! Gem Club - "Twins"

Breakers seems to wander, rowed slowly on a passage, secreting a message it only half-understands. Amidst the fog, however, the dim lanterns, and the specters on the banks, Gem Club maintains a clear vision, a clear voice, protective of its precious charge. Held crooked under its arm is a record of the kind of expression that can only ever be mostly understood, the way that hearts speak in codes unknown.

Part sadness, part elegy, part smiling kiss, the truth is delivered sparingly, in notes written and played with great love. Scenes of loss and hope, of coming together and coming apart, play themselves out on shore, while slowly, like the long, haunted stroke of a cello, the boat moves on. Perhaps actual memories, perhaps places unknown, still the message, written on dark paper, in light greys and whites, is safe.

Gem Club are a special find, a sparkling rarity. Breakers is deep and wide, and quickly robs you of the ability to tell up from down. Breakers is many kinds of breakers, like what breaks the tide, what breaks the wind, and what breaks the heart.

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