Free Music Friday! Innercity - "The Pyramids of Northeast Belgium"

Belgian producer Hans Dens, a.k.a. Innercity, exemplifies the quintessential NNA style: heavily synthetic, hugely progressive and unafraid to get noisy. From his home base in Antwerp, Dens has been releasing music via both his own labels and respectables like Not Not Fun and Upstairs, the imprint run by kindred spirit Oneohtrix Point Never. His truly alien, truly futuristic rhythmic mantras and techno miscalculations open the gates to a mystic and mystifying place every time and this untitled 7-inch is no exception. Side A's "Dada Les Apocalypses" is nearly 8 minutes of taut flux-a chiming odyssey through a crystalline landscape that breaks for strange voices along the way. Meanwhile, Side B sports "The Pyramids Of Northeast Belgium," which opens with a sprinkling of brooding psychedelia before catching a four-four beat that hurls it through a cloudbank of Kraut and New Age weirdness.

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