Free Music! Davilla 666 - "Obsesionao"

DAVILA 666 was formed in the summer of 2005 by Sir Charles Davila (lead vocals, bass) and AJ Davila (bass, vocals). Both had produced beats for Puerto Rico underground rap group CI*FI, in which Sir Charles was also an emcee.

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In 2010, DAVILA 666 released an EP on Rob's House Records, singles on Vice Records (split with Detroit's Dirtbombs), and Norton Records covering "She's a Rainbow" by The Rolling Stones in Spanish with other Latin bands (Buenos Aires' Los Peyotes and Fellow P. R. band Los Vigilantes).

Now managed by Vice Music, DAVILA 666 continues to release music and tour around the world, rapidly gaining notoriety as "The World's Greatest Party Band." They released their second full-length, Tan Bajo, in Feb. of this year on In The Red.

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