Free Music! Cheap Time - "I'd Rather Be Alone"

Some people didn't know what to make of Cheap Time's self-titled debut album when it was released in 2008. It came as a huge leap from their first 7 inch of the year before, and it didn't really sound like anything else going at that time. Too glamtastic and bubblegum for the garage purists and too raw for indie rockers.

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Their latest album, entitled Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations), proves to take the band to further artistic leaps. Coming two years after the debut, these new songs show the band moving in an interesting direction. Soaking up their influences and spitting out new songs with more complex structures and melodies than guitarist/songwriter Jeffrey Novak has ever shown before. While bassist Stephen Braren adds another element to the songs with his heavily compressed Roy Wood style playing. Plus the addition of new drummer Ryan Sweeney tightens up the bands sound while still keeping things very loose.

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