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Tristan Clopet
Name It What You Want

Go ahead, Name It What You Want, that’s what Tristan Clopet want you to do with his debut long player of the same name,  a record that shows Clopet’s propensity and innate ability to evolve. With Name It What You Want, Clopet takes a belt-sander to his songwriting, smoothing out the rough edges in order to create a better rounded sound and something of a departure from more of the gruff rock tendencies he put to wax on his last release, 2010’s Purple EP. He does so through better production and improved structures that lead to more than one moment of Coldplay worship, full of soaring, epic guitars and lingering vocals (“When You Were Younger,” “Hold On Lover, Hold On Girl”), and even though Name It What You Want is a mellow affair for the most part, bouncing effortlessly between accessible pop rock fueled by near immaculate piano (“A Summer in Sussex,” “A Chat With My Brain”) and rollicking funk-pop brimming with intoxicating beats and tremendous guitars (“La Naissance,” “Toutes Directions”), there is a moment of sheer euphoric noise during the latter stages of “Fife and Drum” to quench the thirst of those looking for some heft.  With Clopet’s latest, not only can you Name It What You Want, you can also pay what you want for it at his website, which is just icing on the cake in the grand scheme of things, because this record is good enough on its own – it doesn’t need a gimmick.
Grade: A-
Go Download: “La Naissance”