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Rather than churn out another studio album full of forgettable middle-of-the-road rock tunes, Puddle of Mudd perhaps did one of the smarter things they’ve done in their career – perform other bands songs on their latest release, Re:(Disc)overed . The new work finds Puddle of Mudd tackling tunes from many of their idols, including the Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Tom Petty, and while some of these track list choices are predictable, the boys do a good job tossing in some unlikely covers of songs by Elton John and Neil Young.

Re:(Disc)overed is a safe release for POM, because, in essence, everyone loves cover songs, or at least everyone should. It’s also a safe release because this band has been floundering lately – their last studio record Volume 4: Songs in Key of Love and Hate failed to top 500,000 in sales and was the bands first record not to produce a Top 100 single.

Still, this is Puddle of Mudd, so there is always the lingering question of whether or not this band has the chops to pull this off. The answer is, surprisingly, yes.

From the start, as POM opens Re:(Disc)overed with a take on the Rolling Stones timeless hit “Gimme Shelter,” it’s clear that this covers album is more a tribute to these artists rather than a vain cash grab, as the band sound as authentic as possible, staying true to their own sound as well as respecting the sound of those from years past. From there, frontman Wes Scantlin shines throughout Neil Young’s “Old Man” and Tom Petty’s “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” and that’s not to mention the job he does on Elton John’s “Rocket Man,” a cover that could easily have gone either way. POM plays things a bit close to the vest on the Steve Miller Band’s “the Joker,” though Re:(Disc)overed remains fun as the band rips off AC/DC’s “T.N.T.” and Free’s “All Right Now.”

Puddle of Mudd have a hard time sounding original when they are writing their own songs, which would lead many to expect Re:(Disc)overed to be something of a flop. That’s clearly not the case after listening, and to be honest, this might just been the best album the band has dropped since their Come Clean debut a decade ago.

Grade: B-
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