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Dead Sara
Dead Sara

There is a bit of a Hayley Williams-meets-Juliet Simms thing here on Dead Sara, a rock album as snotty & gritty as it is softly vulnerable.  Dead Sara’s one-two, estrogen packed punch of frontwoman Emily Armstrong and lead guitarist Siouxsie Medley is a force to be reckoned with, showcasing their wares time and time again on their self titled release, and whether they are combining fierce, sultry vocals with pounding guitar lines (“Weatherman,” “Timed Blues”) or teaming sweeping vocal melodies with soaring riffs (“Whispers and Ashes,” “We Are What You Say”), the tandem of Medley and Armstrong rarely waver, leading to the albums overwhelming versatility. Speaking of versatile, Dead Sara offers moments of vulnerability; toned down, structured outings that seem all too tame (“Dear Love,” “Sorry for It All”), though Armstrong’s vocal work remains as strong as ever. The penultimate “Lemon Scent” is a wall of pure rock and roll, and a fitting way to send Dead Sara out on a high note. While the album is far better during its heavier stages, Dead Sara as a whole is a sight to behold, a record well deserved of a listen. Give it the chance; it will surprise you, plain and simple.    

Grade: B-
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