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Chelsea Grin
My Damnation
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When it comes to deathcore, there is a very fine line between what’s good (Bring Me the Horizon, the Red Chord) and what’s bad (Oceano, the Acacia Strain), a line that Chelsea Grin deftly toes on their sophomore release, My Damnation. While the argument could be made that the band trended closer to those latter mentioned acts on their 2010 debut Desolation of Eden, My Damnation finds the band taking a step in the right direction in some ways. Sure, some of those same tendencies still remain, case in point, album opener “the Foolish One,” but from there on in Chelsea Grin has seemingly matured sonically, and stepped their game up so to speak. The rest of My Damnation finds the band stepping outside the deathcore box, trying their hand at some of metal’s other sub-genres, like doom (“My Damnation,” “Calling in Silence”), black (“Behind the Veil of Lies,” “Last Breath”) and even a splendid speed/prog hybrid (“Calling in Silence”). All of those things that initially made you a fan of this band still run rampant throughout My Damnation – caustic, anguished vocals, punishing, bountiful breakdowns and rapid fire, shredding riffs, so, don’t worry. No, Chelsea Grin isn’t blurring any lines or pushing any boundaries with My Damnation, but they sure will melt a lot of faces and fuel carnage-filled mosh pits en mass in the process of trying to evolve their sound. Perhaps the best thing about this album is that it should push Chelsea Grin past the point of mere copycat. Sure, the comparisons are still there, but what do you expect – being a deathcore band, it comes with the territory. 

Grade: C+
Go Download: "Calling in Silence"