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Born in Winter
Dreaming in Seasons

Scene meet Born in Winter, Born in Winter meet scene. Its better you two meet now because after listening to Dreaming in Seasons, the band’s latest release, you’re probably going to want to get better acquainted.

First and foremost, frontwoman Nicole Benton has an unbelievable voice, one blessed with stunning depth and range. She has all the makings of a star, and with the band she has behind her, her time in the spotlight might come sooner than later. And speaking of her backing band, though every member of Born in Winter pitches in to carry the vocal load, when the vocals cross over the heavier side of the tracks, things tend to get ugly. Born in Winter’s vocal aesthetic closely mirrors that of Eyes Set to Kill or the Bunny the Bear – two distinct vocal styles – incredible melodic vocals with forgettable screams/growls sprinkled in that do nothing but muddy up the overall product.

Still, there isn’t much not to like on Dreaming in Seasons. The album delivers crushing heft in spades, complete with chugging guitars and galloping riffs (“Martyr,” “Buried in Ashes”), darker, almost gothic metal, moments full of room-filling melodies (“Like You,” “No Where to Hide”), and even a Black Sabbath-esque heavy-hitting slow dirge (“More Than I Deserve”).

Dreaming in Seasons is one of the year’s best releases from an unsigned act, and while the production is raw every now and again, it only gives Born in Winter room improve, room they really don’t have all that much of to be honest. Dreaming in Seasons is very good, and if the band manages to get better on future releases, look out.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Martyr”