Reviewed! Adakain - Silhouette of Lies

Silhouette of Lies

Save for one track, the lounge-y, out of place “Dreaming,” a track perhaps better suited for the albums cutting room floor, Silhouette of Lies, the latest EP offering from Dallas, Texas’ Adakain, is impressive, a solid rock record full of competent and accessible guitars that fuel melodic hooks unafraid to take off and soar. Armed with a dynamic new vocalist in Travis Buck, and a producer who knows exactly how to handle a band of Adakain’s modern rock ilk in Travis Wyrick (10 Years, Since October), Silhouette of Lies explodes with powerful opener “Sky Is Falling,” though the band is quick to change gears and stomp on the brakes, tempering the pace for the subsequent “Distant Eyes,” a track that showcases the bands versatility and vulnerability, if nothing else. Buck shows off his songwriting prowess with the subsequent “Good Time Girl,” a well-written affair chronicling the story of a girl who goes out of her tree so to speak, but it doesn’t take long for Adakain to get right back to doing what they do best – rocking. The brilliantly heavy “In the Shadows” slots in as Silhouette of Lies heaviest moment, a track in which Adakain does a nice job emulating modern day Taproot with crushing guitar work and lingering melodies. Hell, the band even does a good job trying their hands at the art of balladeering with the radio ready ballad “Change,” a suitable ending to Silhouette of Lies. This is an excellent debut from Adakain, a band we should be hearing from more and more in the future. Boys, hurry up and release a full length - the rock world will thank you. If Silhouette of Lies is any indication of what Adakain are capable of, then these boys seemed destined for the big time.

Grade: B