Reviewed! The Armgeddon Chord - Jeremy Wagner

Jeremy Wagner
The Armageddon Chord
Knight Romance Publishing

The Armageddon Chord, the debut from musician/songwriter/artist/author Jeremy Wagner, is a great read. Debut’s can sometimes be a bit shaky but it seems as if Wagner has a pretty good grasp on this whole writing thing. The Armageddon Chord quickly becomes a page turner, and a book you might find yourself not putting down until you reach the end. At only 264 pages, it’s a relatively easy read, but still a fun book you’ll want to put on your reading list sooner than later.

The book centers around heavy metal guitarist Kirk Vaisto, who’s chosen by billionaire Festus Baustone and his Nazi buddy Heltmut Hartkopff to perform a song said to be the key to the apocalypse which will grant immortality to those chosen. Basically, Vaisto is called upon to perform an ancient Egyptian song written in Hieroglyphics that if played in its entirety will unleash Hell on earth, ushering in Armageddon. The vast majority of the book revolves around the ensuing struggle between those who wish to bring about the apocalypse and our main character.

With Vaisto, Wagner does a bit too much trying to get across his background; but in general, the character development is good, if not deep. And here is a problem that runs throughout the Armageddon Chord, there are times Wagner comes off a bit too wordy for his own good. While that’s not a fatal flaw, it tends to weigh down some sections due to too much information.

The mixture of heavy metal, Nazis, Egyptian Myth, demons, and guitars is excellent, and the way Wagner is able to splice in elements of horror into his accessible writing style just makes the Armageddon Chord that much better of a read. Wagner tosses a few things you don’t often see in print (spoiler alert!), including a sex scene and a scene where someone gets pissed on by a demon, though you’ll have to read the book to see the rest.

The Armageddon Chord is fun, exciting and entertaining, a book that offers more than enough to qualify as a quality read.

Grade: B