Hurt Signs to Carved Records

Alternative rock-band HURT signed last week to CARVED RECORDS.

“We are very excited to add HURT to our roster of great artists,” states Tim Porter, label owner. “The depth of HURT’S music was what caught our attention. After one listen to their new material we knew we had to add this band to our roster. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

Front man J. Loren goes on to say, “We made the decision for Carved Records to be our new home because they truly are one of the few companies that continues to believe in rock oriented artists and their music. With their solid commitment to growing and working bands in an uncertain musical climate, we felt this was the right fit for HURT.”

HURT was formed in 2000 and first released the independent albums Hurt in 2000 and the Consumation in 2003. Many of the songs from these albums found their way onto their first two major label releases, and the Consumation was re-mastered as the Re-Consumation in 2008. The band received critical success with their major label debut album, Vol. 1, released on March 21, 2006. Their singles "Rapture" and "Falls Apart" gained minor radio airplay on rock stations throughout United States. Their second album was the critically acclaimed Vol. II, released on September 25, 2007, and they gained their largest radio rock hit yet with the single "Ten Ton Brick." HURT released their fifth studio album on April 7, 2009, titled Goodbye to the Machine. The group consists of lead singer J. Loren Wince, guitarist Michael Roberts, bassist Rek Mohr, and drummer Victor Ribas.

Carved Records Mission Statement: In the ever-changing landscape of the music industry it's time to introduce a new label that works off a time honored vision: Carved Records. Carved will stand as an independent label that focuses on not only artistic development, but also personal growth. Carved Records is a company that evokes the belief in creating art, music and value. The life's breath of Carved is the ardent support of it's artists. Carved Records ethos will be built upon development, long-term ambitions, integrity, and continuity.

The Carved Records family is a mix of tenured music and label professionals, artistic-minded entrepreneurs and musicians skilled in the aspects of sales, distribution, marketing, radio/TV formatting, PR and artist repertoire. This family of individuals share the passion needed to compete in a saturated and aggressive industry. Carved Records has a stylistic focus while seeking high quality artists.

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