Hollywood Waste Signs Girl on Fire

HOLLYWOOD WASTE RECORDS is proud to welcome GIRL ON FIRE to their captivating artist roster. The band has been causing a stir in their hometown music scene of Seattle, and are excited to finally announce the next step in their career. GIRL ON FIRE has released a five-song EP titled Revenge that will available digitally, through CMDistro.com, and on tour. Produced by WiL Francis, front-man of Aiden and William Control, every track on Revenge offers a polished blend of driving guitars, anthemic choruses, and heartfelt lyrics. A sneak peak of the new single and title-track "Revenge" can be heard on the band's Facebook page here.

Thrilled, GIRL ON FIRE vocalist Austin Held had this to say about the union: "We have taken a huge step forward in signing with Hollywood Waste Records. Words cannot describe the feeling of accomplishment that we have in our hearts. We are so grateful to be working with a team that believes in us as much as we do in ourselves. We have been given the opportunity to live out dreams that we have had since our childhood. To play our music and share it to the world, is beyond incredible. We've had sleepless nights, long drives, accomplished many goals, played amazing shows and made this the time of our lives. But this is just the beginning of the long and adventurous road that lies before us. We can't even begin to explain how excited and ready we are for this moment. This is what we have been waiting for. It just goes to show that the old saying is true, you can do anything if you set your mind to it."

The signing is not only a great accomplishment for GIRL ON FIRE, Hollywood Waste's Danielle Fidelity explains how this is also a huge step in the development of all things Hollywood Waste: "As many know by now, the [Hollywood Waste] entertainment project has yet to be announced in its entirety. Our music division encompasses more than just the genres we've currently let loose from behind our curtains. With that said, we're excited to expand into new genres of rock with our newest signing - Girl On Fire. It's a refreshing surge of pure, 'in your face' rock!"