Free Music! Jason Ferraro - "Eco-Tot" & "Text Bubbles"

Text Bubbles, coffee, condo life, the modern house pet and beyond. Condo Pets is a musical mirror of our virtual 21st century cultural landscape of fusion and consumption. A futuristic symphonic prelude to Far Side Virtual.

STREAM: "Eco-Tot" and "Text Bubbles" from Condo Pets via Altered Zones:

Far Side Virtual takes us on a dance through some enigmatic modern metropolis, through the spaces of our consumerism, down a street that could be your 5th Avenue or your Regent Street or your Shibuya Square to some anonymous globalized space in a common augmented Utopia. A cellular kingdom of fusion and virtual couture, a candy land of Utopias within a Utopia. iLand.

On his debut album for Hippos In Tanks, Ferraro paints a 21st century still life. Whether it be through the psychology of domesticated pets or frosting replicas of Camille Pissarro's "Haying at Eragny," emblazoned on an expensive Whole Foods dessert cake, Far Side Virtual will become an essential piece for the 21st century audience.

Jason Ferraro will release Far Side Virtual via Hippos in Tanks on November 14.