Free Music Friday! Anna Rose - "My Body is a Cage" (Arcade Fire cover)

Her debut full-release, Nomad, which she co-produced with Billy Sullivan, was executive produced by the legendary Bruce Botnick, whose credits include the classic, “L.A. Woman,” by the Doors. However, while the wild rock spirit runs strong throughout Nomad, the sound itself holds true to progressive sing-songwriter folkiness heightened by a rock and roll edge. This young rock starlet has drawn comparisons to Fiona Apple and a young Alanis Morissette, but the truth is that Anna Rose is a flower unique unto herself. She’s raw and vital and speaks to the quiet dreams and fears that plague us all when the lights go out. And she’s not afraid to step outside the box. Aside from the five songs that appeared on her critically acclaimed self-titled EP, Anna Rose, a perfect example of this well-timed bravery is her passionate, bare-bones interpretation of Arcade Fire’s, “My Body Is A Cage,” which premiered on Cover Me:

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On Nomad, Anna Rose delves into guitar-drenched numbers like "Picture," and ethereal ballads such as "Wilshire Blvd,” but her songs, her voice, her song-writing, regardless of form, exude rock attitude. Rose says, “I love that Mulholland Drive, rock-songwriter, star-tripped, holed-up-in-a-house-drinking-gin-and-smoking-weed-writing-songs thing." And the songs and sound of her new album, which she is currently in the studio recording, reflect the gritty ethos in the best possible way. Rose says, “I think people will hear a heavier blues sound in my newer songs.” In the meantime, she’s been invited to perform at this year’s illustrious Pop Montreal.