Free Music! Forest Fire - "Mtns and Mtns"

FatCat is excited to add New York City's Forest Fire to the roster, and to announce the release of their second album, Staring At The X, on October 18.

With their sophomore record, Forest Fire - songwriter/vocalist Mark Thresher, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Nathan Delffs, bassist/multi-instrumentalist Natalie Stormann, drummer Robert Pounding, and producer/keyboardist Adam Spittler - reject the what's next-next attitude plaguing so many of the NYC/Brooklyn scene, innovating sonically at their own pace while maintaining a traditionalist's focus on songwriting. Staring At The X is an electrifying leap forward from the "cosmic Americana" of their lauded debut, Survival.

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Forest Fire will release Staring At The X via FatCat Oct. 18.

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