Free Music! Big Troubles - "Sad Girls"

"Sad Girls" is the first single from Big Troubles' Romantic Comedy and an ideal introduction to Big Troubles, 2011 style. A lovely slice of updated power-pop based on a catchy stop-start verse that gives way to an indelible, spiraling chorus, this tune is as big and bright as they come. By the time we hit the chiming outro we're well hooked, and the only option really is to play the tune all over again. On the flip side, "Phantom" raises the volume a bit, hearkening back to first album hits like "Freudian Slips" and "Bite Yr Tongue." On the evidence of this single we think you'll agree that Big Troubles have truly upped their game, and you'll be as excited to hear the full album as we are to bring it to you.

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