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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their seminal album Screamadelica, Primal Scream did what pretty much any smart and savvy band would do – take it out on tour. And the product is Screamadelica Live, a chronicling of the bands entire show at Olympia in London on November 26th, 2010, their initial soiree into performing the album live in its entirety.

Screamadelica Live is an excellent way to not only experience Primal Scream live, but also experience each and every song off one of their best albums live. In addition to the Screamadelica performed from beginning to end, there is also a ‘rock and roll’ set included, which was filmed and recorded earlier in the night, a set that allows a number of the bands other hits to see the light of day, including “Country Girl,” “Jailbird,” Accelerator,” “Burning Wheel” and “Rocks.” The viewer is treated to Primal Scream in all their Screamdelica glory, a live stage shows complete with a full gospel choir and a horn section. Oh yeah, and there’s a kick ass light show that’s not to be missed. To be sure, it’s a big time production and the show is well worth the price of admission on Screamadelica Live.

What makes Screamadelica Live even more a must-purchase is the bonus content - Screamadelica Classic Album documentary. The thorough doc features just about everyone that had a hand in recording the Screamadelica album, a list of interviewees that includes producers Andrew Weatherall  and Hugo Nicolson, as well as Alex Paterson (the Orb). If you saw this doc on television, you’re going to want to see the DVD version – it contains about 30 minutes of footage not included in the TV broadcast.

With a running time at well over three hours, Screamadelica Live is a surefire bargain, and a perfect way to experience Primal Scream doing what they do best – entertaining you, the audience.

Grade: A