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It should come as no surprise to hear that Less Than Jake’s Anthology DVD is very good. This new DVD collection is comprehensive to say the least, a set comprised of 4 DVDs of full live performances of each of the bands first six studio releases (all except GNV FLA, which didn’t exist at the time of taping), and if those three DVDs and six concerts weren’t enough, in typical Less Than Jake fashion, Anthology takes things one step further, tossing in a fourth DVD consisting of additional live footage that spans the bands entire career, with some usual backstage shenanigans and buffoonery spliced in. With each performance comes a number of bonus tracks as well as some crowd interaction to the tune of karaoke with Less Than Jake. Seeing this will probably make you wish you had been at one of these shows so that you could have been plucked from the crowd. A highlight, or lowlight probably for most fans, of Anthology occurs when the bands launches into material off of In With the Out Crowd, an album the band themselves have labeled their ‘shittiest,’ and frontman Chris Demakes hit the stage donning a corporate get-up, complete with a suit, wig and sunglasses. Sure the crowd that night wasn’t onboard with the gag but everyone had fun nevertheless. When you factor in what Anthology retails for ($17 give or take, the price of a regular DVD), it makes this DVD release literally one of the best bangs for your buck ever. If you’re a LTJ fan in the slightest, there is no excuse why you wouldn’t own this DVD. As a matter of fact, you should be getting your car keys right now in order to go out and pick up a copy of Anthology. Here’s hoping that after another five albums, the band regales us with one more of these Anthology DVD sets.