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Drive A
The World in Shambles
Dead Conflict

Casting off the shackles of the toothless mediocre pop-punk that littered the alleyways of their frivolous debut A Loss for Words, Drive A return with a complete wardrobe change with the World in Shambles, a rough around the edges politi-punk album with a socially-aware conscious. The World in Shambles strongest attribute is also its greatest weakness, as though it shows the band finally found the right band to worship in Anti-Flag (far away from the Sum 41 worship they displayed on A Loss for Words), the painful fact is the world already has an Anti-Flag, and newsflash, they’re really good. Regardless, the World in Shambles opens like a literal house of fire with “Revolt!” a track that sounds like a complete and necessary sonic 180 for the band. The following “Young C*unts” shows the band still likes to emulate AC/DC from time to time via some crunchy, crusty riffing, but for the most part the World in Shambles finds Drive A as pissed off as they’ve ever been, channeling their overall discontent for the world outside through snotty, amped up punk fireballs like “Belligerent Time Bomb,” “Demented” and “Robbery.” The gang vocals here are short, compressed and overall viable, making the World in Shambles a relative easy listen, but really only if you choose to overlook the poor songwriting and those instances when the band go back to the well for a glossy, hook driven track with a poppy sheen (“Let’s Have a Wreck”). Even though the World in Shambles is an upgrade from A Loss for Words, it is an album still riddled with inconsistencies, one in which the question still lingers – who is Drive A? Unfortunately this album doesn’t offer up any answers.