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My Amends
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With driving guitars and an emotionally charged delivery unseen since Bitterness the Star­-era 36 Crazyfists, South Florida’s My Amends are primed to make an immediate impact on the scene with their intense and gritty debut, Acceptions.   

The heavy-hitting “Do Over” opens Acceptions with ardent aplomb, as these Floridians are quick to showcase they mean business via fierce and towering hooks, though the album really begins to hit its stride with the brilliant single “Slaves,” which combines all of My Amends strongest attributes – roaring guitar riffing and gruff, passionate vocals that join forces to create some of the best melodies you’ve never heard in the rock game. The torrid momentum of Acceptions is so steady that even when the band tosses in an instrumental midway (“Wait for It”), that momentary break from the albums normal onslaught doesn’t derail the albums hard-charging ebb and flow, something not many other bands can hang their hat on. In fact, the subsequent tracks “Agora” and “Open Soars” effectively return listeners to the middle of the sonic battlefield, dropping them directly in the crossfire of blazing riffs and crashing waves of sound. Acceptions isn’t an album content on riding off quietly into the sunset either, as My Amends saves some of their snottiest, most pissed work for the albums latter stages, most notably the rock radio (in a good way, not like a Shinedown way) ready “I-Me” and the fire-breathing penultimate tune “Chemical Burns.”   

Frontman Justin Dailey’s (ex-Remembering Never) vocal performance is commanding, spitting game close to that of 36 Crazyfists’ bearded leader Brock Lindow. Dailey comes up huge with a mic in hand at every turn, contributions that go a long way to making Acceptions as good as it is.   

The most notable, and perhaps scariest, thing about Acceptions, is that they only seem to be scratching the surface. If My Amends only gets better from here on in – all other rock bands need take heed. You’ve been put on notice.   

Grade: B+
Go Download: “I-Me”