Reviewed! Less Than Jake - Greetings From Less Than Jake

Less Than Jake
Greetings From Less Than Jake
Sleep It Off

Ok kids, time for some simple word association. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when Less Than Jake hits your speakers? Fun. Well,  that should be the first thing on the tip of everyone’s tongues when speaking of the veteran ska-punkers, and their latest, a limited release EP entitled Greetings From Less Than Jake, should really be no different. By the second track, “Goodbye Mr. Personality,” your feet should tapping and your head bobbing, and hell, after the opener “Can’t Yell Any Louder,” you really should have been doing that already. Though the afore mention “Goodbye Mr. Personality” doesn’t exactly follow LTJ’s atypical ska-punk blueprint, it comes off as somewhat endearing, but the warm fuzziness doesn’t last for long as the very next track, “Harvey Wallbanger,” brings you right back into LTJ’s altered reality, one full of snappy, quick-timed drumming, youthful, bouncy vocals and horns in abundance. This song really speaks to the bands longevity and overwhelming ability to remain fresh, and it’s crazy to think, that in this, their 19th year of existence, and after over a dozen studio releases, that Less Than Jake is probably the reason you’re going to Warped Tour this year. Don’t miss their set when you get there, and don’t leave without your very own copy of Greetings From Less Than Jake.  

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Harvey Wallbanger”