Reviewed! Feel Never Real - Vs. the Sea of Disease

Feel Never Real
Vs. the Sea of Disease

Vs. the Sea of Disease is a record that works on multiple levels, though some tend to be better than others. The album is really at its best when Feel Never Real do their best Rev Theory impersonation and infuse their southern tinged rock with some extra balls and gritty heft (“Drunkstar Anthem,” “Less Hopeless”), but still, it’s not too shabby when the band fires off one radio ready tune after another (“Sea of Disease,” “Always Over”). If Vs. the Sea of Disease was more of the former and less the latter, it would be better for it. Though Feel Never Real sound better during those moments they decide to keep the gas pedal pressed firmly to the floor, charging ahead guns ablaze, nothing should be taken away from their tempered moments, moments in which could find the band some airplay sooner than later. One recurring theme of Vs. the Sea of Disease is the talents of singer Tim Jones, a rock frontman whose voice happens to fall somewhere in-between Shinedown’s Brent Smith and Alterbridge’s Myles Kennedy.

Vs. the Sea of Disease is a good rock release at the very least and gives Feel Never Real some quality sonic cred as well as legs to stand on in the rock scene. If nothing else, it gives this group of good ol’ Texas boys something to build off of.

Grade: B-
Go Download: “Less Hopeless”