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Early Melodic Animals
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If the M in MTV still stood for music (does anyone know what the hell it stands for nowadays?), then Early Melodic Animals would fit right in with the ill-fated networks Subterranean crowd (remember that show? If not, do your homework). The bands’ latest, Day01, is as clean as anything the 90’s ever produced, sounding like a transplant from the forgone excellent era, reminiscent of something that would have early-90’s melodic rock worshippers Satellite Tragedy or Orion salivating, though there is a certain amount of hat-tipping to Catherine Wheel and Stone Temple Pilots here, two acts that clearly influenced the way Early Melodic Animals go about their sonic business.

Day01 is an album that has an ear for wonderful melodies and a strong penchant for superb vocal harmonies, two qualities of the album that should not only please fans and casual listeners alike as evidenced through the trio of offerings - “Move,” “Empty” and “Peace of Mind” - though late-comers like “Going Home” hold their own during the latter stages of the disc.

Sure, there might be an air of nostalgia floating around throughout Day01, but in no way does it at all take away from just hoe truly enjoyable this release is. And, as an added bonus, 15% of the bands sales will be donated to Animal Acres to raise money for their new barn and newly rescued animals, which is just the icing of the cake so to speak, because Day01 is an album worthy of your time regardless.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “Empty”