Free Music Humpday! The Young Things - "Talking Too Loud"

Lou Reed is an asshole. But he had a point when he said, “Rock & roll is so great people should start dying for it...the music gave you back your beat so you could dream.” People are dying for so many stupid things, so why not for something great, why not lay it all on the rat-trodden tracks for the music? This is the feeling, the raucous sense of abandon thrown down by The Young Things. And if you understand what Lou Reed meant then we’ve got something for you: The Young Things and their newest single, “Talking Too Loud,” which feels like a suitable response to Japanther’s “Challenge.” It’s NYC authentic. A poking-your-head-through-the-manhole, street’s-eye-view of the city recorded at at Alphabet City’s Flux Studios.

MP3: - "Talking Too Loud" -

With their debut EP ...Is the Killer, these local boys and their gritty guitars established themselves as a rock and roll band capable of revitalizing NYC’s indie-rock scene. You can feel the spirits of the Stones, the Velvet Underground, the Beatles and the Beach Boys coursing through these six tracks. You can also hear The Strokes and the Von Bondies.