Free Music Friday! Vayden - "Hanzel and Gretel"

Phoenix/Los Angeles rock band Vayden has released a follow-up single to "HAM," called "Hanzel and Gretel." The recording was done with a rare song the band played live, in response to a fan's request.

MP3: "Hanzel and Gretel" -
VIDEO: "Hanzel and Gretel" -
VIDEO: "Sphere" -

Here is Vayden's statement on the song:

"Today I woke up and realized that fame means nothing. We live in a world where some one can become a house hold name in a week just by making a horrible song. (Rebecca Black). Fortune is getting close to meaning nothing. A man can start up an Internet business in his garage and 19 months later he is turning down offers from Google to buy him out for 5 billion dollars. (Groupons).

Fame means nothing - Fortune means nothing

The only thing that means anything anymore is doing something cool. And helping your friend, Sarah, through a rough time by putting a smile on her face seems just as cool, to us, as any other plight right now.

With that in mind we humbly submit to Sarah the first studio recorded version of her favorite song of ours "Hanzel and Gretel."

To Sarah, we hope that maybe on your rough days, (and we all have em) you remember that your smile is a very valuable thing. It took a team of no less then 6 writers, 4 performers, 1 amazing mix engineer, and 4 suits a month of rewrites, rehearsing, recording and planning to make a piece of art that hopefully when you find it in your inbox it brings the biggest smile to greet your face in your nearest recollection.

With that:

(The writers) - Curtis Casey, Bruce Weitz, Armin Peterson, Rob Robbins, Jason Salamone, Jefferey Covey
(The performers) - Curtis Casey, Bruce Weitz, Armin Peterson, Jeff Covey
(The mix master Extraordinaire) - Ryan Greene
(The 4 Suits) - Geordie Gellespie, Ben Watson, Matt Threat, Amy

Would all like to say on behalf of team Vayden - Please enjoy this piece of rock and roll devastation! May it bring 1000 smiles to your face. And don't forget to Turn it up!

Curtis Casey (The humble narrator of team Vayden)