Free Music Friday! Matt the Electrician - "All I Know"

There is beauty in simplicity. It hits you on a gut level. One listen to any of the records in the sizeable catalogue of Austin’s Matt Sever (AKA Matt the Electrician) will make you a believer. Don’t get us wrong, we love our futuristic Ziggy Stardust-fashioned, audio explorers. But American roots music speaks to us; the honesty, the toughness, the humor, the old-fashioned yarn-spinning are embedded in our bones. All of these qualities are evident on Sever’s seventh studio record, Accidental Thief.

MP3: "All I Know" -

The album opens with the young summer love story “All I Know,” which transports us back to the original, all encompassing feeling. It’s a celebration replete with ooh’s and aaah’s, reminding us of a time when no matter how confusing the world was, if you were in love, that was all you needed to know. Meanwhile, the title track features Sever’s sweet rasp wrapped up like hard candy in a melancholy love song. This accidental thief recalls the “shucks can’t do no right” persona of Johnny Cash or Woody Guthrie--the quintessential southern tramps who’ve cemented themselves in our national psyche. And “Pioneer Bride,” with the help of expert backing female vocals, channels Dylan and Joan Baez at their folky ballad best. It moves us like there’s an ocean rushing up inside our chest and ends quietly, leaving an invisible highwater mark on the soul. There’s a sense of gravity and inevitability. And what makes these songs brilliant is that they are plain statements and simple metaphors managing to eschew sentimentality in favor of true emotion.