Bright & Barrow Records Signs the New Rochelles

Bright & Barrow Records, the label responsible for last year’s noteworthy punk compilation, Cause A Scene, Volume One, is excited to announce the signing of Long Beach, NY’s Ramones-core geniuses, THE NEW ROCHELLES, and the upcoming release of their debut album, It’s New!. The trio – comprised of Ronnie Rochelle, Ricky Rochelle, and Rookie Rochelle – have built a solid reputation for themselves by concocting addictive Queers-esque pop punk using catchy songwriting, flawless harmonies, and tight rhythms. The New Rochelles encompass everything a fan of The Ramones, Teenage Bottle Rocket, and Screeching Weasel could want in a young, new band: tons of hooks, down-stroked powerchords, and to-the-point mini-anthems about leather jackets, monsters, and getting into trouble, complete with some “1-2-3-4!”’s.

It’s New! will be released this summer on vinyl and digitally via Bright & Barrow. Details and pressing info will be announced soon, but in the meantime the album’s first single, “This Is My LJ,” can be streamed at