Reviewed! Weerd Science - Sick Kids

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Weerd Science
Sick Kids
Horris Records

You don’t often associate power-prog-rock and indie rock with hard-up rap, but in the case of former Coheed and Cambria/current Terrible Things drummer and Weerd Science brainchild Josh Eppard, those three things go together like peanut butter and jelly. Take Eppard’s second entry into the rap game, Sick Kids, for example.

This record proves that Eppard might be far more wacked out than some may have previously thought, and judging by this new content it seems the man is plunging deeper down the rabbit hole. These tunes are far more dangerous and drug-addled than 2005’s Friends and Nervous Breakdowns, and it seems that Eppard is done spouting blameful diatribes at others who wronged him in the past, instead turning within, expending a good chunk of lyrics waxing introspective, casting blame on himself. Songwriting aside, Eppard’s gravelly deliverance is clearly something to note, as his raspy vocals lead quite the barrage on songs like the coke-binge that is “Speedballs (Kingston High),” while his aim remains true throughout other sonic amazements like “Clap If You <3 Someone,” “Baby Parts” and “XOXO Hugs and Kisses.” It might be a bit ostentatious to applaud a guy as down on himself as Eppard clearly is, which is all too evident on tracks like “Unloveable Loser” and “the Voices on Prince St., Kingston, NY 12401.” It might be evident that Eppard has issues, especially with himself, but it’s hard not to follow along and bounce to the beat, and, hell, you can’t deny how addictive this stuff is.      

Sick Kids shows that Eppard indeed has the goods, and it’s his unique flow that should keep you coming back for more time and time again.      

Grade: B+