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Various Artists
Take Action Volume 10

Take Action Volume 10 is a record we all should own. Honestly, we should all do everything we can to purchase this compilation every year, if not for the music, then for the simple fact that a percentage of proceeds from album sales go directly to charity. Sure, the names and faces change from year to year - this year the benefitting charity is a national Teen-to-Teen Sexuality Education Project, which reaches millions of teens each year with teen-written sexual health information through the Sex, Etc. Magazine and website,; and a national Sexuality Education Training Initiative, which provides training, resources and technical assistance to more than 5,000 educational professionals per year.

But, since most everyone buys records for the music, note that Take Action Volume 10 is no slouch when it comes to that department. This compilation spans two discs and 31 tracks, many of which are either rare or unreleased altogether. The first disc starts off in usual Take Action fashion – with a PSA – this time around delivered by Silverstein’s Shane Told, mere seconds before he and his band are joined by Yellowcard’s Ryan Key for the rousing “Stay Posi,” a tune worthy of kicking things off. Disc 1 continues through, among others, more than a number of remixes (don’t miss the Skrillex remix of Twin Atlantic’s “What is Light? What is Laughter?” or the Step Brother remix of Circa Survive’s “I Felt Free).

Disc 2 is where Take Action makes its money, as the opener, All Time Low’s cover of Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro,” effectively takes things to the next level, before scads of previously unreleased tunes take hold, like Amely’s “Start Over” and Sparks the Rescue’s “Forever in My Songs.” Continue your journey through the latter half of disc 2 and you’ll hear perhaps the album’s shining moment, a back-to-back tandem of the Wonder Year’s performing the Weakerthan’s “Aside” and the Swellers acoustic rendition of “Ups and Downsizing.” 

Though Take Action Volume 10 has moments that register as better than others, it’s really hard to find any flat spots. 

Grade: A
Go Download: All Time Low – “Alejandro”