Reviewed! Sam Friend - Lady Madly

Sam Friend
Lady Madly

Steady rock and roll with a heavy indie lean is a phrase that could be used to describe Sam Friend’s Lady Madly EP, a record rife with vocals that fit just as well as they would have back in 1977. Friend possesses an accomplished sound, one that comes across polished and well rounded, a characteristic of Lady Madly that should jump off the page at you, which is noteworthy seeing as how this EP was recorded entirely in Friend’s Seattle basement.

There aren’t many songs (only five in total), but still there’s no shortage of highlights as Friend’s endearing vocals provide something of a sense of security for listeners. If nothing else, Lady Madly will put you at ease. “Cinderella’s Slippin’,” “Magic In.A Package!” and “One More Twice” are a trio of tracks that standout from the rest of the pack, but Lady Madly should be consumed as a whole, at least initially if nothing else. Honestly, the record should be taken in all at once, start to finish, because these five tracks do not call for a large investment of your time.  

Lady Madly is a record that shows Friend is on the up and up, which is exactly where he should go on future releases. After reading this review, it should come as no surprise that Friend’s Lady Madly is a recommended listen, but if you have the chance, pick it up in vinyl. You’ll be so much better off.

Grade: B+
Go Download: “One More Twice”